Saturday, September 13, 2008

Senator Obama his new politics and getting tough

Senator Obama has signaled that he is getting tough. With his new politics of hope you would expect the good Senator to come out with a an ad attacking John McCain on the issues. Wrong, the Obama campaign has come out with an ad attacking John McCain because he is old (he came to the Senate in the eighties when they had clunky cell phones) and because he does not use e-mail.

I doubt John McCain, a person who flew fighter jets off of aircraft carriers was chairman of the Senate subcommittee on telecommunication and is regarded as one of the most technologically savvy senators in the Senate by other senators, is computer illiterate. The ad also insults everyone over 50. Not only a large segment of the population but one that routinely votes. And the older a person is the more likely she is to vote. Senator Obama has replaced Hope with mean. But of course Obama insists that he just wants to be looked at in terms of the issues (the issues he wants to talk about) not his record, not his experience, not his associates, just the issues.

The reason John McCain doesn't answer his own e-mails is that he can't use a keyboard thanks to the wounds inflicted upon him by the North Vietnamese during his captivity, otherwise his computer skills are quite adequate. Good job Senator Obama, attacking someone for their disability. Also from a political standpoint Obama already has the votes of people who are not voting for John McCain just because he's old. Attacking old people and people who are disabled because of injuries collected while they are prisoners of war fighting for this country doesn't seem to be the brightest move in this campaign season.

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Whoops, talk about not fact checking.