Friday, September 19, 2008

dragonfly gets it right in the powerhouse forum

dragonfly posted this at the powerhouse forum (spelling errors have been corrected):
"Bill Katz is right, and I am sure that Sarah Palin, a bred-in-the-bone, unabashed "flyover" American knows exactly who she is appealing to, and will continue to win votes because of it. McCain is going to let Sarah be Sarah because she is not rattled by either the MSM or Obama's slimy tactics. She knows that middle America knows slimy big city politics when they see them.

Which speaks to a cultural dimension that the GOP is not playing - the socialist, big city, crooked party machine, which Obama truly epitomizes. Obama, emotionally attracted to the radical socialism of his parents from adolescence through his college years, went to Chicago to SEEK a radical leftist climate, found it, was embraced by it, financed by it. He is,TOTALLY, the poster boy of the big city corrupt political machine. He never organized or operated out outside a geographic area of about 200 square miles. He worked 95% with an African American community.

Obama has absolutely no knowledge of, understanding of, or interest in "real" Americans. His claim to Kansas roots are beyond absurd - his socialist leaning parents fled stuffy mid-America before his mother was in high school. He has calculatedly immersed himself, since adulthood, in the narrow academic socialist clubiness of Hyde Park - as its name implies, a snobby professorial town, owned by a university, that permits no low-income residents, except servants, and places strict limits on business, including food stores. Wasilla is a capitalist paradise compared to his home town.

He can't hide from these truths. Hounding him on this key aspect of his character cannot be attacked as "smearing". He has no fall back position. Claiming he represent all Illinois gets him nowhere: he was made a state senator and is a U.S. Senator solely through the Daley city machine. He is, 100%, A BIG CITY BOY.

If it is OK for him to go after Wasilla and small town America, it is OK for McCain to go after Chicago
Most Americans, whose rating approval of Congress is under 10%, do not want a President who is in the pocket of Big City Political hoods. And they don't like socialists.

AD: "Do you really want a puppet of the Chicago political machine running our country? Oh, and by the way, have you noticed - he's a SOCIALIST?"

McCain should go after the cultural disconnect, full press . It will win him a lot more votes than his Foreign Policy."

People like dragonfly are why McCain -Sarah will be relocating to Washington. D.C. in January. Todd you are going to love the Washington summers.

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