Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I"ve had this feeling before

It was about two maybe three years ago I was listening on the radio to our local high school Football team playing in the second or third round of the State play offs. In Ohio where football is king this was rarefied air that I was unacostomed to breathing. The game, which was being played on the other side of the State in the shadow of the football hall of fame, was close and our team was doing well when in the third and fourth quarters the referees started making outrageous calls and non calls helping the other side to win, we were being homered big time. The unfairness of it all was breath taking but what could you do other than go home as the other team advanced.

The same feeling came over me watching the networks covering the Republican convention. The networks are supposed to be the referees just reporting what is happening but of course they are not. They are Democrats covering a Republican convention and they are going to do everything they can to blunt the Rebublican message. Will this homering cause the Democrats to prevail. We will see but now I remember where I have had this feeling.

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