Thursday, September 25, 2008

Inside Obama's OODA loop

In the late 1950s Colonel John Boyd, one of the great military tacticians and strategists of the Twentieth Century devised the OODA loop applying it to one on one battles in Jet fighters (commonly known as dog fights). The idea is that every battle is fought by observing orienting deciding and acting over and over in a loop. To win the battle a warrior either performs his OODA faster than his opponent or ideally get inside your opponents OODA loop breaking it up. John McCain being a fighter pilot is iam sure familar with the concept and yesterday he was so far inside his oponents OODA loop he had Senator Obama chasing his political tail as well as telling political tales. MCCain Observes the nation in crises, a crises I might add that is eroding his position in the poles. The need for action is obvious to save the markets and possably the economy but action is stalled by what appeares to be a partisan imopasse. McCain Orients this is a job for a bipartisan healer a maverick, someone like John McCain. McCain decides and acts Suddenly McCain announces he is suspending his campaign to return to washington to help America in crises he invites Obama to follow his lead. What is a Dmocratic presidential candidate and part time U.S> Senator, to do. If he follows McCains lead he looks weak, if he doesn't the Good Senator is perceived as putting campaign over Country. What to do what to do I know if your a politician when in doubt LIE . I called McCain this morning. Sure you did. Well it sells among Obama hard core supporters. McCain looks like McCain, Obama looks like Obama and that is not good news for Senator Obama.

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