Sunday, September 07, 2008

Keep growling girl!

No one has asked Obama how the move would effect his children, how his daughters would feel if they had to have their first dates with the secret service tagging along.

No one has asked Joe Biden why he didn't give up his political career when his family went into crisis.

No one has asked if Obama wants any more children, or what he would do if his wife got pregnant while he was in office.

My mother was able to have a career, a working household and at least 2 flourishing girl scout troops all at the same time. With my father working. My college speech coach had a baby, nursed during all the meetings and the coaching sessions, taught her classes, and coached the team to a national championship in our division. My grandmother had five children, went back to get her certification and taught the third grade.

Women all over the country can and do manage a career and a family beautifully. Why wouldn't Palin be able to do it on a national scale, especially with such a supportive husband?

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