Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are babies born alive after botched abortions left to die?

Senator Obama has defended his indefensible opposition to the infant born alive act proposed in the Illinois Senate when he was at the head of the committee overseeing that legislation. This legislation protected babies who are born alive after a botched abortion.This act was in response to the reality that babies born as a result of a botched aabortion had been left to die in Illinois hospitals. While Senator Obama, was fighting this legislation similar legislation passed unanimously in the Senate of the United States.

It seems the good Senator believed that the defense of Roe v. Wade was neccesary even though the bill had nothing to do with babies inside the womb (the only kind that Roe addresses). He seems to believe that defending Roe v. Wade is more important than defending babies that are born alive. .

Also Senator Obama claims that the language in the U.S. Senate bill was different than language in the Illinois Bill. He even called pro lifers and Bill Bennet liars over the issue. This despite the fact that he voted to change the language in a proposed bill to make that bill identical to the United States Senate bill and then oppossed the bill as amended.

Now we have a new defense for Senator Obama. The assertion that there are no babies born alive after abortions. In fact there are as was clearly shown in testimony which Mona Charon presents at the corner at national review online.

Senator Obama is as radical on abortion as it is possible to be in America.

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