Thursday, May 31, 2007

Social Conservatives should deal with Rudy

Today I posted at Powerline forum an off shoot of my favorite political blog by the same name.

I believe Rudy is the only Republicans who can beat “she who must not be named”. For one thing he is an expert at handling and taking down what will surely be a hostile MSM. I also am, a strong prolifer but I do not think that losing the white house to Hil. R C will protect unborn babies. I would not only vote for but work for Rudy if he would do two things: 1. Commit to not spending tax payer money killing babies and 2. Commit not to the general principal of constructionist Judges but to a specific list of candidates he would appoint starting with DC appellate Judge Janice Rogers Brown, on that list could be Rick Santorum and Mike DeWine both solid prolife ex Senators. The last precedent for this Eisenhower making a deal with Earl Warren was a disaster for conservatives. A deal committing to specific appointees now could turn that around and make it OK for prolifers including myself to get behind Rudy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God Calls Me to be gentle in spirit

God calls us to be gentle in spirit and voice, our conversation always seasoned with salt. This admonition on the mast head of We're open all night is harder to heed these days. It is easy to be gentle in spirit and voice when your side seems to be winning the political wars at least for the moment and your trust in the American voter is vindicated by the return to the White House of a President who is doing what needs to be done to keep your grand daughter from some day shopping at "Berkas R Us" while appointing Supreme Court Justices who aren't out to amend the Constitution by judicial fiat. It is much tougher to heed that call when the same American voter puts the other guys in control of the House and Senate and "She who's name shall not be spoken" seems to be headed for the White House along with her cigar smoking? perjury committing husband (See what I mean that wasn't gentle in spirit).

So I must redouble my efforts trust that the American people will eventually do what is right if given the opportunity and stay gentle in spirit and in speech seasoned with salt remembering that through such activities God conquered the Roman Empire and he might still be working in America.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Two posts in one day

I am fed up with phony smears on My President. Read below

Kozelek - 28 April 2007 08:37 PM

I beg to differ. It is quite evident Gonzalez is doing his little “I cannot recall” shuffle to hide an organized attempt by Karl Rove to get the Federal Attorneys to more aggressively prosecute Democrats. To say that such a view is mere speculation is perhaps technically correct at this point, but given the wealth of evidence in its favor, that speculation is rapidly transitioning to fact, which is why Republican legislators are jumping ship on Gonzo daily. Gonzalez is just the public face at this point, but the story leads back to the White House- hence, it is indeed a “scandal.”

Those who have been following the story closely, and not merely reading the spin offered by the Wall Street Journal editorial pages and blogs like this one, know how deep and broad the effort to politicize the attorneys’ agendas was. It went beyond “focus more on immigration” and was often in line with “bring charges against Democrats, even if you don’t have enough evidence, so we can put heat on them at election time.” This isn’t traditional politics; it is dishonest tampering.

You will notice no evidence here just speculation . We know none of the above is true because if it was it would have been headlines in the NYT and WP like “Bush U.S. Attorney’s out to get Democrats” if any kind of thread could have been put together to that effect. Kozelek is just speculating and proves the point of the initial Powerline post. Ther is no evidence Bush ever lied and there is no scandal but that doesn’t deter the Bush hater’s.

You notice Kozelek couldn’t site a scandal just a made up one from his head. It is much like Hillary impugning the President with no evidence regarding finding things (other than cigars and Whitewater documents or documents from Vince Foster’s safe) under rugs in the oval office. If there is any evidence of scandal or criminality with this administration the drive byes will go on a six week tear. Don’t get your hopes up Kozelek the MSM and Democrats have turned over every rock and made every innuendo. The administration always cooperates fully (thus Scooter’s downfall) and the MSM always end up shooting blanks. I just hope the rest of the country (minus the nut balls of course) is getting as tired of it as I am.

About Dem private JET's

I'm back. I posted this in a thread at Powerline's forum and thought I was funny so I am reposting it here. Enjoy.

Glenn Bowen - 26 April 2007 08:55 PM
WASHINGTON—A flock of small jets took flight from Washington Thursday, each carrying a Democratic presidential candidate to South Carolina for the first debate of the political season.

But the Democrat candidates are (to paraphrase Senator Obama) working on changing the light bulbs in there houses, so use all the jet fuel you want. Democrats belief in global warming, sure they do, if it increases their power and control over your life, but not if it inconveniences them. The burning of thousands of pounds of jet fuel unnecessarily might mean that a warmer Globe appeals to them. Or, as I suspect it may mean that they don’t really view the Carbo loading of the atmosphere by man as a significant problem. Would that they were that astute. Well as Harry Truman almost said. “If you can’t stand the heat get off of the Planet”. (copy right all rights reserved) I think I will put that on a bumper sticker.