Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin... I'm In Love

I cannot tell you how excited I am about McCain picking Sarah Palin as his VP choice. I took a quiz that picked Sarah Palin as my ideal VP choice about three months ago and have been secretly hoping that McCain would pick her. But I did not see it as a possibility. I mean, Alaska is a red state and he doesn't need the help there. Looking back I should have blogged about how she was the perfect choice and looked like a genius right about now.

There are a million reasons I am in love with Sarah Palin. Where do I begin.

1. She is truly pro-life. Not just in the "I am pro-life because it is what republicans do" way. In the "I believe abortion is bad for mothers and babies. I am a feminist for life. I am blessed by my down syndrome baby number five" kind of way. She is a politician who articulates how you can be a feminist and deeply pro-life on a national scale. That way I don't look like a freak in both the pro-life and feminist circles I run in.

2. She sold her own jet. On e-bay. If every single government employee flew coach we could save a lot of money. I am not joking. I fly coach and I have a muscle disorder. Why not my representatives that use my tax dollars? Sarah Palin takes fiscal responsibility seriously. She didn't really need a jet It cost her tax payers a lot of money. She didn't even pay someone to sell it for her. She used e-bay. Way to save the tax payers a couple of BILLION dollars.

3. She thinks tax payers should decide how to spend their own money. When she had a giant surplus she returned it. Like any private corporation that over charges you, she believes in returning the extra portion.

4. She is incredibly articulate. Wow. Find her speech on you tube.

5. She has a vagina. I am so moved by McCains decision to pick a woman as his second in command. I have often struggled with the idea that maybe republicans don't take women seriously. I know that there are women who are important in the republican party, but between Madame speaker, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama I have been disheartened by what on the surface looked like the democrats taking leaps where the republicans are taking baby steps. But now it is clear that isn't the case. I can be really proud of this ticket. When I vote for McCain I will be able to tell people that I got to vote for a woman on a presidential scale.

6. It is a smart pick. Dear sad clinton voters, have some candy and a woman on a presidential ticket. Please be our friends.

There are many other reasons that I am sure will come out later as to why I love Sarah Palin. But this is a pretty good start.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Again on Sarah after some thought

I posted this to a Powerline comment thread this morning. I like the term Force Multiplier for her.

I have been up all night thinking what a Great choice Govenor Sarah Palin is for Veep. Sarah (as she is quickly becoming known to Republican and conservative rank and file)is a Force Multiplier because She highlights all that is right with John McCain and all that is wrong with Joe Biden and Barrack Obama. Sarah is a Force Multiplier in the following ways (just to name a few):

1. Like John McCain Sarah is real Biden and Obama are fakes or should I say politicians.

2. Like John McCain Sarah is an outsider McCain’s Outsiderness is often lost because he has been around Washington so long picking Sarah highlights this huge plus for McCain.

3. Like John McCain Sarah is a reformer with a capital R. Although I am a conservative and disagree with McCain on some issues I realize that McCain’s work on things like election reform comes from a true desire to make the system better.

4. Like John McCain Sarah is a true fiscal conservative and her fight against the bridge to no where highlights McCain’s refusal to play the earmark game and Biden and Obama’s immersion in that game. Particularly Obama’s corrupt earmarks for Michelle’s hospital and Biden’s family lobbying practices.

5. Like John McCain Sarah is squeaky clean.

6. Like John McCain Sarah is Prolife and poved it. McCain has been 100% prolife on the big stuff but doesn’t get the credit (maybe because he is uncomfortabel talking about it). Sarah doesn’t have to talk about it she is living it. Because of her choices Sarah is a living advertisement for prolife.

&. McCains choice of Sarah highlight’s the fact that O’bama is a radical who defends a Womens “right to choose” even if defending that choice means letting a viable infant who survived an abortion die in an Illinois hospital laundry room unattended rather than pass legislation to protect that infant.

7. Sarah is the only person in the race who has had executive experience and thus highlights Obama’s lack of said experience.

8. Sarah and McCain are neither one Lawyers.

9. The only thing O’bama can say about Sarah is she has no foreign policy experience the pot calling the kettle black.

Well done Senator.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain scores with Sarah as V.P. Choice

I have been listening to and getting more and more excited about Sarah Palin. John McCain's choice for Veep. I love her reference to a servant's heart when has a politician said anything like that. She is conservative and a reformer and the people's choice. She is a force multiplier for McCain in the area's of Changing Washington, John McCain is not George Bush (as much as I love the President and think he will be regarded as great some day today is not that day) political realities are political realities, humility versus arrogance, and most importantly prolife. James Dobson is convinced. So is Rush, So is Hugh Hewitt. Many Many conservatives are ecstatic and ready to work. I hope Thea D will weigh in on this choice.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Be afraid be very afraid?

I posted the folowing as a comment at IUSB vision Weblog comment:

The chilling thing is the way Obama and his campaign are trying desperately through thugs threats and worst of all demands on the Justice Department that people be prosecuted for letting the American people know that Obama and Ayers were more than passing acquaintances and in fact were thick as thieves (as my Mother would say). I Kid with Larry at no left turnz about see you in the camps believing it is just a joke. Now I’m not so sure. If you are going to demand that the Justice Department prosecute people for telling the truth when you’re not in power what will you do whenn you are in power?

This is a worst case senario which if I thought would actually happen would make me consider shutting down. The point is Obama's response is very troubling. More on this latter.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The We in We're Open all Night

Hello all who stumble upon this blog. I am excited to be participating in this piece of the American Pie. I was invited to this page because I am the youngest of Theo P's daughters and the only one interested in politics. (My other two sisters are happy to vote based on the cheat sheet my father sends them in the mail.) I also love to write.

Politically I am not as party line as Theo P is. I label myself a libertarian when someone forces me to check a box. But it is hard to say really. I am fiercely pro life, but from a feminist perspective. I believe women are hurt by abortion, and legalized abortion puts all of the responsibility of that decision on the woman, not okay. But I do worry about the state of back alley and over the border abortions if Roe v. Wade were ever overturned.

Mostly I care deeply about education. I am a public school teacher in one of the hardest schools in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. I am well aware the public school system is failing millions of students. They are my kids. I teach them, we share life. I want better for them. I don't think NCLB is cutting it. In my experience (full disclosure, my school has never made AYP) it is the best teachers who are punished, and so they move on to a school that will succeed.

Unfortunately for me, education does not seem to be a huge issue this election cycle. I have checked both candidates policies and think they both stink.

I will try to remain on subject, as this is a political blog, but don't be surprised if my students (from here on identified as my kids) sneak in.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

It ain't easy being gentle of spirit When the LIbs may win

I originally posted this in May of 2007. I am posting it again to remind myself. My new found friend Larry over at No Left Turnz was nice enough to look at We're Open all Night and to mention he liked "the seasoned with salt" thing even though He is more of a Jalapeno Pepper. The conservative movement needs both and other spices to if we are to succeed. I love National Review online and Powerline for their Intellect, analysis, and insight. I read them in the morning and then listen to them quoted and their text referred to all day long on talk radio (often without attribution). I love Bill Bennett who brings candor intelligence and good will to my morning, only in America can I pick up the phone and have a shot at talking to a former drug Czar and Sec. of Education . I love Annie and Rush for their Humor and ability to throw a jab right to the Liberal solar plexis even though I sometimes think they go over the top often unnecessarily. I Love Hannity for his bulldog tenacity. There are many more, Victor Davis Hansen even Christopher Hitchens when he is not talking Atheism, Bill O'Rielly and the gang at Townhall. All are needed and welcome. Anyway Here is my reminder. Things haven't gotten easier since May of 2007. You may replace the Clintons with BHO at least for the present.

God calls us to be gentle in spirit and voice, our conversation always seasoned with salt. This admonition on the mast head of We're Open All Night is harder to heed these days. It is easy to be gentle in spirit and voice when your side seems to be winning the political wars at least for the moment and your trust in the American voter is vindicated by the return to the White House of a President who is doing what needs to be done to keep your grand daughter from some day shopping at "Berkas R Us" while appointing Supreme Court Justices who aren't out to amend the Constitution by judicial fiat. It is much tougher to heed that call when the same American voter puts the other guys in control of the House and Senate and "She who's name shall not be spoken" seems to be headed for the White House along with her cigar smoking? perjury committing husband (See what I mean that wasn't gentle in spirit).

So I must redouble my efforts trust that the American people will eventually do what is right if given the opportunity and stay gentle in spirit and in speech seasoned with salt remembering that through such activities God conquered the Roman Empire and he might still be working in America.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Ten Reasons I am voting for John McCain

Reason 10 McCain on energy Nuclear Drill Obama on energy blow up your tires

Reason 9 McCain stands up to his party Obama toes the party line

Reason 8 McCain may be fiscally responsible Obama will tax and spend, tax and spend, tax....

Reason 7 McCain believes in private sector solutions Obama believes in Big Goverment.

Reason 6 McCain 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton Obama 20 years in Trinity Church of Christ

Reason 5 Obama hangs with Radicalls McCain hangs with who can get the job done

Reason 4 McCain instrumental in SURGE wants Victory Obama wants a pull out victory be D..

Reason 3 McCain is Prolife Obama is pro Obama

Reason 2 McCain is a Warrior Obama is a Lawyer

AND the number one reason I am voting for McCain

McCain loves his Country Obama Loves himself

Gearing up for the election and more

It has been a while since I have posted on We're Open All Night but that is over. This election is to important to stay quiet. Also although W doesn't need me to defend him President Bush needs somebody and from time to time It is going to be moi. For those of you who embarrass Barrack O'bama by not speaking French that means its going to mean me. (they don't call him Chimpy Mcpunchingbag on the lefty Blogs because he goes out of the way to defend himself. I would like to give a thank you to Larry at No Left Turnz who unwittingly encouraged me to start blogging again.