Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lies and the lying liars that tell them.

"Hey teacher, I watched that convention like you told me to. Did you know that there are a lot of Caucasians there? I had no idea that white people were democrats!"

In my students world, everything is black and white. If you like black people you vote for Barrack Obama. If you vote for John McCain it is because you don't care about black people.

It has been a very confusing time for my students as I wear a McCain button on my bag, but also care deeply about them. It is even more confusing when I explain to them why I am voting for McCain.

An old student came to see me Friday and discuss the voting choice I was making she so deeply disapproved of. How could I vote for him? I explained to her that Obama supported abortion she understood. But it made me aware of how misinformed everyone is. And how easy it is to manipulate people with lies.

But it isn't just my kids who are misinformed. I have friends who won't vote for Obama because they believe he is a terrorist, still. Or they won't vote for him because he will "only make decisions for black people" as though a white guy is the only one capable of considering what is best for all Americans.

Satan is the father of lies. He thrives in confusion and hate. The more lies that get told the more hate there seems to be in the political world. The more hate and confusion the harder it is to get anything done. The more hate speak, on either side, and lies, from either side the more people are manipulated.

Even if McCain lost the election, which would break my heart, but there was no manipulation, no lies, no hate, then this election year would be beautiful.

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Thank you for the great posts.

I'm reading them and loving it and you too of course.