Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin- America Wants to know

Today Michelle Malkin pretty much sums up the anti-Sarah hysteria in the media.

Next up: Us Weekly and company investigate the Sarah Palin’s eyebrow waxing appointments, Todd Palin’s beard grooming preferences, and the children’s dental hygiene habits.

America must know the truth!

The New York Times sent at least 30 truth seekers up to Alaska to find dirt on Sarah Pallin and then they filled their pages with inuendo from enemies that Sarah made while cleaning up the forty ninth State.

One of the great things that Sarah has done for this political season is to rip the mask off the the media. Obama can undermine US foreign policy in Iraq and no one in the DemSM investigates. Senator Obama protects the Chicago political machine from an obvious scandal in truck leasing and the DemSM doesn't investigate. Senator Obama buys his house with help from a person who turns out to be a politically corrupt felon Tony Resco (who was under indictment when Obama got the help) and the DemSM doesn't investigate. Sarah Paline has a hair out of place and the DemSM goes crazy investigating. Fortunately the American people are not dumb, despite what the Demsm believe and Sarah only becomes more popular.

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