Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah hits Home Run

Sarah knocked it out of the park a hat trick in the Seventh game of the Stanley Cup. Sarah struck just the right tone and there is no question she is a pit bill with lipstick and she ripped the left wing establishment a new one, all with smile, grace and charm. First she got the special needs family's votes, then Harry Truman small town America, then the blue collar vote. Then everyone who doesn't like Harry Reid and the Washington establishment.

I love the line "servant's heart" when she describes her view of public service. Evangelicals understand this phrase is code for, well, servant's heart and the left can't understand the phrase at all. This is the second speech she has used it in and it really does describe John McCain and I believe Sarah as well. It is her phrase I have never heard McCain or any other politician use it before. The phrase is common in evangelical circles and connotes the best of what evangelical Christianity is and what public service from the school board member to the President should be.

The left was right to try to destroy her before the country gets to know her. It is too late now. She is every bit the rhetorical equal of Obama and she is real. Joe Biden, Michael Moore, Barrack Obama, and yes the Clintons be afraid, be very afraid. A new sun is rising on conservatism, family values, the Republican party and Women in politics and that sun is named Sarah.

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