Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The We in We're Open all Night

Hello all who stumble upon this blog. I am excited to be participating in this piece of the American Pie. I was invited to this page because I am the youngest of Theo P's daughters and the only one interested in politics. (My other two sisters are happy to vote based on the cheat sheet my father sends them in the mail.) I also love to write.

Politically I am not as party line as Theo P is. I label myself a libertarian when someone forces me to check a box. But it is hard to say really. I am fiercely pro life, but from a feminist perspective. I believe women are hurt by abortion, and legalized abortion puts all of the responsibility of that decision on the woman, not okay. But I do worry about the state of back alley and over the border abortions if Roe v. Wade were ever overturned.

Mostly I care deeply about education. I am a public school teacher in one of the hardest schools in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. I am well aware the public school system is failing millions of students. They are my kids. I teach them, we share life. I want better for them. I don't think NCLB is cutting it. In my experience (full disclosure, my school has never made AYP) it is the best teachers who are punished, and so they move on to a school that will succeed.

Unfortunately for me, education does not seem to be a huge issue this election cycle. I have checked both candidates policies and think they both stink.

I will try to remain on subject, as this is a political blog, but don't be surprised if my students (from here on identified as my kids) sneak in.

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Welcome! Thanks for posting welcome to We're Open all night now we are reallu we.