Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin... I'm In Love

I cannot tell you how excited I am about McCain picking Sarah Palin as his VP choice. I took a quiz that picked Sarah Palin as my ideal VP choice about three months ago and have been secretly hoping that McCain would pick her. But I did not see it as a possibility. I mean, Alaska is a red state and he doesn't need the help there. Looking back I should have blogged about how she was the perfect choice and looked like a genius right about now.

There are a million reasons I am in love with Sarah Palin. Where do I begin.

1. She is truly pro-life. Not just in the "I am pro-life because it is what republicans do" way. In the "I believe abortion is bad for mothers and babies. I am a feminist for life. I am blessed by my down syndrome baby number five" kind of way. She is a politician who articulates how you can be a feminist and deeply pro-life on a national scale. That way I don't look like a freak in both the pro-life and feminist circles I run in.

2. She sold her own jet. On e-bay. If every single government employee flew coach we could save a lot of money. I am not joking. I fly coach and I have a muscle disorder. Why not my representatives that use my tax dollars? Sarah Palin takes fiscal responsibility seriously. She didn't really need a jet It cost her tax payers a lot of money. She didn't even pay someone to sell it for her. She used e-bay. Way to save the tax payers a couple of BILLION dollars.

3. She thinks tax payers should decide how to spend their own money. When she had a giant surplus she returned it. Like any private corporation that over charges you, she believes in returning the extra portion.

4. She is incredibly articulate. Wow. Find her speech on you tube.

5. She has a vagina. I am so moved by McCains decision to pick a woman as his second in command. I have often struggled with the idea that maybe republicans don't take women seriously. I know that there are women who are important in the republican party, but between Madame speaker, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama I have been disheartened by what on the surface looked like the democrats taking leaps where the republicans are taking baby steps. But now it is clear that isn't the case. I can be really proud of this ticket. When I vote for McCain I will be able to tell people that I got to vote for a woman on a presidential scale.

6. It is a smart pick. Dear sad clinton voters, have some candy and a woman on a presidential ticket. Please be our friends.

There are many other reasons that I am sure will come out later as to why I love Sarah Palin. But this is a pretty good start.

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Theo p. said...

Thank you for a great post on Sarah. I was watching a cable interview with Sarah (I think it was CNBC) and her emphasises was dtill drill drill but with appropriate safe gaurds. Sarah is good but not perfect on camera. I think she talks a little too fast but the important thing is what she says not how she says it.