Thursday, August 28, 2008

Be afraid be very afraid?

I posted the folowing as a comment at IUSB vision Weblog comment:

The chilling thing is the way Obama and his campaign are trying desperately through thugs threats and worst of all demands on the Justice Department that people be prosecuted for letting the American people know that Obama and Ayers were more than passing acquaintances and in fact were thick as thieves (as my Mother would say). I Kid with Larry at no left turnz about see you in the camps believing it is just a joke. Now I’m not so sure. If you are going to demand that the Justice Department prosecute people for telling the truth when you’re not in power what will you do whenn you are in power?

This is a worst case senario which if I thought would actually happen would make me consider shutting down. The point is Obama's response is very troubling. More on this latter.

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