Saturday, August 02, 2008

It ain't easy being gentle of spirit When the LIbs may win

I originally posted this in May of 2007. I am posting it again to remind myself. My new found friend Larry over at No Left Turnz was nice enough to look at We're Open all Night and to mention he liked "the seasoned with salt" thing even though He is more of a Jalapeno Pepper. The conservative movement needs both and other spices to if we are to succeed. I love National Review online and Powerline for their Intellect, analysis, and insight. I read them in the morning and then listen to them quoted and their text referred to all day long on talk radio (often without attribution). I love Bill Bennett who brings candor intelligence and good will to my morning, only in America can I pick up the phone and have a shot at talking to a former drug Czar and Sec. of Education . I love Annie and Rush for their Humor and ability to throw a jab right to the Liberal solar plexis even though I sometimes think they go over the top often unnecessarily. I Love Hannity for his bulldog tenacity. There are many more, Victor Davis Hansen even Christopher Hitchens when he is not talking Atheism, Bill O'Rielly and the gang at Townhall. All are needed and welcome. Anyway Here is my reminder. Things haven't gotten easier since May of 2007. You may replace the Clintons with BHO at least for the present.

God calls us to be gentle in spirit and voice, our conversation always seasoned with salt. This admonition on the mast head of We're Open All Night is harder to heed these days. It is easy to be gentle in spirit and voice when your side seems to be winning the political wars at least for the moment and your trust in the American voter is vindicated by the return to the White House of a President who is doing what needs to be done to keep your grand daughter from some day shopping at "Berkas R Us" while appointing Supreme Court Justices who aren't out to amend the Constitution by judicial fiat. It is much tougher to heed that call when the same American voter puts the other guys in control of the House and Senate and "She who's name shall not be spoken" seems to be headed for the White House along with her cigar smoking? perjury committing husband (See what I mean that wasn't gentle in spirit).

So I must redouble my efforts trust that the American people will eventually do what is right if given the opportunity and stay gentle in spirit and in speech seasoned with salt remembering that through such activities God conquered the Roman Empire and he might still be working in America.

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