Saturday, August 30, 2008

Again on Sarah after some thought

I posted this to a Powerline comment thread this morning. I like the term Force Multiplier for her.

I have been up all night thinking what a Great choice Govenor Sarah Palin is for Veep. Sarah (as she is quickly becoming known to Republican and conservative rank and file)is a Force Multiplier because She highlights all that is right with John McCain and all that is wrong with Joe Biden and Barrack Obama. Sarah is a Force Multiplier in the following ways (just to name a few):

1. Like John McCain Sarah is real Biden and Obama are fakes or should I say politicians.

2. Like John McCain Sarah is an outsider McCain’s Outsiderness is often lost because he has been around Washington so long picking Sarah highlights this huge plus for McCain.

3. Like John McCain Sarah is a reformer with a capital R. Although I am a conservative and disagree with McCain on some issues I realize that McCain’s work on things like election reform comes from a true desire to make the system better.

4. Like John McCain Sarah is a true fiscal conservative and her fight against the bridge to no where highlights McCain’s refusal to play the earmark game and Biden and Obama’s immersion in that game. Particularly Obama’s corrupt earmarks for Michelle’s hospital and Biden’s family lobbying practices.

5. Like John McCain Sarah is squeaky clean.

6. Like John McCain Sarah is Prolife and poved it. McCain has been 100% prolife on the big stuff but doesn’t get the credit (maybe because he is uncomfortabel talking about it). Sarah doesn’t have to talk about it she is living it. Because of her choices Sarah is a living advertisement for prolife.

&. McCains choice of Sarah highlight’s the fact that O’bama is a radical who defends a Womens “right to choose” even if defending that choice means letting a viable infant who survived an abortion die in an Illinois hospital laundry room unattended rather than pass legislation to protect that infant.

7. Sarah is the only person in the race who has had executive experience and thus highlights Obama’s lack of said experience.

8. Sarah and McCain are neither one Lawyers.

9. The only thing O’bama can say about Sarah is she has no foreign policy experience the pot calling the kettle black.

Well done Senator.

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