Friday, August 01, 2008

Ten Reasons I am voting for John McCain

Reason 10 McCain on energy Nuclear Drill Obama on energy blow up your tires

Reason 9 McCain stands up to his party Obama toes the party line

Reason 8 McCain may be fiscally responsible Obama will tax and spend, tax and spend, tax....

Reason 7 McCain believes in private sector solutions Obama believes in Big Goverment.

Reason 6 McCain 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton Obama 20 years in Trinity Church of Christ

Reason 5 Obama hangs with Radicalls McCain hangs with who can get the job done

Reason 4 McCain instrumental in SURGE wants Victory Obama wants a pull out victory be D..

Reason 3 McCain is Prolife Obama is pro Obama

Reason 2 McCain is a Warrior Obama is a Lawyer

AND the number one reason I am voting for McCain

McCain loves his Country Obama Loves himself

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