Saturday, June 11, 2011

GSSM Day 4

GSSM Day 4
Today Sergio Scataglini taught and ministered to us all day long on Holiness. All day Long. Here is a man who regularly ministers to tens and hundreds of thousands of people, one of the mot famous evangelists in South America if not the World and he is spending a whole day with 60 students. God must think we are pretty important to his kingdom. I agree with God. In the morning while Sergio taught the Holy spirit fell and this time I wept uncontrollably as God gave me a new vision and the specifics of a calling I have been carrying for awhile.
Sergio taught on Holiness. To love Holiness. The Bible calls it the beauty of Holineass, not the duty of Holiness. This makes sense to me. Graham Cook said, One thing we know about people they will do what they want. Bill Johnson said, “when you know who you are you won’t want to be anyone else”. Larry Randolph says that before there was a universe God dreamed you. The Bible says that he prepared works for you to do from before the foundations of the earth. How is this possible only in a dream from God. When you find out what that dream is (how heaven sees you) You will come in line entrain with that dream. That’s repentance. When the entrainment is complete you will be who you are and you won’t want to be anyone else. That desire is the beauty of Holiness.


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So awesome! What an incredible first week! Can't wait for the next two :)

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Had a very specific prayer for you laid on my heart this morning. Can't wait to see what else the Lord has for you and to see that spill over on your daughters.