Thursday, June 09, 2011

GSSM Day 2

I am at Randy Clark's Global Awakening summer intensive where we try to do a year of school of supernatural ministry in three weeks. Today was so awesome. The class of 60 is bonding and Gelling up in the Lord. Day 2 was awesome for the teaching, but mostly for the outreach we did at the end of the day. We went to the streets ( in our case a park) and I got to prophecy over a young man about his future and see an ankle shake and see healing as I prayed for this basketball player who had just injured it playing. The amazing thing was that when injured he dropped (in agony) right in front of my other two team members. They prayed for him . He was able to get up and limp around to the other end of the court and plop down next to me (God is Good) . He let me pray for his ankle twice (this made a total of 6 prayers) The second time his ankle started shaking. After a minute he got up and walked away still testing the ankle which was obviously much better. Praise God.

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