Thursday, June 09, 2011

GSSM Day 1

I am at Randy Clark's Global Awakening summer intensive where we try to do a year of school of supernatural ministry in three weeks. Yesterday was the first day and it rocked. The head of the school Ben spent the morning talking about nothing. It was the greatest teaching on nothing I've ever heard. I went up for prayer looking for a word and instead went down for the first time ever under Ben's Prayer. They have good catchers in this place cause I'm big. I lay on the floor and prayed to receive what ever the Holy Spirit was depositing in me. In the afternoon I learned new ways to hear from God. I told Ben if we keep going like this for three weeks my head would explode. He said good. Pray for me. If you get a word for me deliver it. P.O Box 777 learning street, Myheadmayexplode, USA. or put it in the comments. Thank's


Abby said...

Hey! If you are going to ask for comments, encouragement and words you've got to share more than that!(winki) What is happening over there? Dad, what is God teaching you? How are you processing it? Any more cool visions of marching bands?

Anonymous said...

ooh I wanna hear more about the marching band thing. =) And that is totally awesome that you were slain in the spirit cuz we were just talking about it the other day!! I love you - Emily

John said...


Sorry I'm doing the best I can under the time constraints see if the next two are better.