Thursday, June 09, 2011

GSSM Day 3

Today there was great teaching in the morning but the Afternoon was amazing. Shara ( she was Heidi Baker's assistant for 2 years) who was our teacher in the morning had assembled a world class and I mean WORLD CLASS prophetic team and they prophesied over every student publicly (it only took 5 hours). I was called out early (the words they gave me were amazing) and Shara told me to go over to the corner and minister to anyone who wanted more of the Holy Spirit. (She must have noticed I had been flat on my back laughing uncontrollably during the activation period and was having fits of laughter while we where praying Bible verses in small groups. I now know this behavior scores you big points in Supernatural ministry school. Who knew?) You can imagine nobody in that group wanted more of the Holy Spirit. I prayed for other students for about an hour which gave me an Idea of what the Prophetic team was doing for 5 hours and it was exhausting but of course an amazing privilege and I was super blessed that my fellow students would trust me to partner with them in there pursuit of more Holy Spirit. My fellow students are so awesome and so hungry.

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Anonymous said...

hmm, the Holy Spirit comes to you in the form of laughter, doesn't surprise me at all Dad! =) Emily