Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This girl is PREGNANT

It is 11:21 I am totally beat, everyone else in my house is asleep and I am watching yet another episode of Army Wives on Netflix streaming. Ridiculous.....a little. But I have been having so much trouble sleeping I figure, what the heck. May as well stay awake. I am all of a sudden totally cranky about....well....everything. I am sure the heat doesn't help. It is stinking hot here in July. No wonder we usually leave. I walked three houses down and back, and couldn't figure out if I was sweating or if the humidity was forming itself into droplets on my skin. I have eaten an inordinate amount of popsicles and ice treats, and cannot for the life of me find a red white and blue bomb in this city. Seriously. No where. I have been looking since June.

But the worst part is my brain. I feel like I can't concentrate on anything. At all. I can't read the things I normally would. Articles that I am really super interested in, halfway through I completely loose interest. And after about a year of reading mommy-blogs non-stop I could about scream before I read more advice about doula's or poop. Even though I think both of those things are very very important. And I have been guilty of blogging about the latter. So I am aware I am a total hypocrite. But I can't read anything too dense because I completely flake out. I am trying to follow the Atlanta Public School cheating scandal, and I will literally forget what the heck I am reading when I am half way done with it. That isn't like me, and yet that has totally been me.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with the women in my department and I am sure they will all be lovely and gracious. I just hope I don't sound like a complete idiot.....or talk too much "mom talk".....or shove my foot in my mouth. Okay, the last one is probably inevitable, so not too hard.

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Jill Locklear said...

Have fun tomorrow meeting your department peeps. I am sure they will love you. Just give them a heads up you have pregnancy brain and they will all give you a pass... shoot this is the one time you can do that.