Thursday, May 31, 2007

Social Conservatives should deal with Rudy

Today I posted at Powerline forum an off shoot of my favorite political blog by the same name.

I believe Rudy is the only Republicans who can beat “she who must not be named”. For one thing he is an expert at handling and taking down what will surely be a hostile MSM. I also am, a strong prolifer but I do not think that losing the white house to Hil. R C will protect unborn babies. I would not only vote for but work for Rudy if he would do two things: 1. Commit to not spending tax payer money killing babies and 2. Commit not to the general principal of constructionist Judges but to a specific list of candidates he would appoint starting with DC appellate Judge Janice Rogers Brown, on that list could be Rick Santorum and Mike DeWine both solid prolife ex Senators. The last precedent for this Eisenhower making a deal with Earl Warren was a disaster for conservatives. A deal committing to specific appointees now could turn that around and make it OK for prolifers including myself to get behind Rudy.

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