Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 and the N. Y. Times

Last night I saw the Managing editor of the N.Y. Times being interviewed by Pete Rose about 9/11. He asked her what question she would ask or what was the thing that most surprised her about 9/11. Her response it is a great Mystery why another 9/11 event had not occurred. She said I don’t understand why we haven’t been hit again. Some of these possibilities would never occur to an editor at the N.Y. Times.

Maybe George W. Bush and the brave soldiers sailors airmen police FBI CIA NSA Customs Border Patrol Dept. of Homeland Security etc. working under the policies of this President has kept it from happening despite the desirers and best efforts of the Terrorists.

Maybe the Terrorists are busy in Iraq and Afghanistan or the more primitive “tribal” areas of Pakistan dodging predator drones and otherwise trying to stay alive and undetected.

Maybe the taking out of 75% of Al Queada’s leadership (killed or captured) has something to do with it.

Maybe there is Divine intervention.

It will probably remain a mystery to the N.Y. Times.


Anonymous said...

I totally believe in Divine Intervention, I've seen it again and again, right in front of me.That truck should have hit me and I should be dead, but the truck went like slow motion through me. I should be dead, but I continue to see miracles since the sudden death of my young brother and my loving husband of 30yrs.I chose to go back to church and pray, I had no reason to go on .God is great, God is good. And I agree with the NY times woman, we should have blown up a long time ago. I think the government protects its self and the rest is Divine intervention.

Theo p. said...

ananymous, I believe in Divine interevention too. It comes in many forms. Like you I had a friend who was struck head on by a car. The car pasted right through him. Sometimes divine intervention comes in making an alcholic a Christian and then making him president and giving him the grace to do enough of the right things to protect us so far. Maybe it is some of both.