Saturday, April 23, 2011

Uh Oh!

Peanut is using new words by the second. Her current favorite is Uh-Oh! Ever the English teacher I am attempting to get her to use her new word only when appropriate. It has been going something like this:

Peanut (dropping her sippy cup on purpose): Uh-Oh!

Me: Peanut, that isn't an uh-oh. That was on purpose.

Peanut: (Looking at the cup and then me): Uh-Oh!

Me: No, not an uh

Peanut (interrupting): Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh!

Me: No, purpose

Peanut: Uh-Oh

Me: No because you

Peanut (interrupting again):Uh-OH UH-OH!

Christian: You just lost that debate to an 11 month old.

Me: Fine, here is you sippy, don't drop

Peanut (you guessed it): Uh-Oh!


Knappy Boi said...

I remember saying uh oh a lot when you were one. I don't remember you saying uh oh. The worm turns. Maybe those uh ohs were directed toward sisters.

Knappy Boi said...

Knappy boi is Javell he forgot to log off.

Jill Locklear said...

hilarious B! I can totally envision it!