Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boppa is the best (name)

I posted this as a comment at another site and I liked it so much that I'm posting it here as well. The back story is that this lady wrote an article wondering why adults called each other mommy. Why there are mommy blogs. And why marketers market mommy jewelry, mommy sweaters etc.. Anyway here is the Post.

"I have 3 adult Daughters and 4 Granddaughters and I am thrilled when My daughters call me Dad or Daddy. My (almost one year old) youngest Granddaughter says Da and dog but not yet Ma Mama or any combination there of despite my daughters best efforts to assist her in that direction. My Daughter can't wait to be called Mommy. I am most pleased when called Boppa a name bestowed on me by my oldest Granddaughter when she was about one. Boppa is a name that I will probably be called increasingly by children and adults 'till the Lord takes me home and I can think of no greater honor. Then again no one is marketing Boppa bags or jewelry."

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