Sunday, October 05, 2008

Enough is Enough

In response to an AP story that calls Sarah Racist for mentioning the O'bama Ayers connection Powerline posted a rebutal. I posted my own response and rebutal in Powerline's forum.

It is reposted below:

The MSM and the Obama campaign must be terrified of the Senator’s connections with Bill Ayers and rightly so. What would the MSM do if John McCain had an association with an ex-Ku Klux Klanner (Senator Byrd excluded for obvious reasons) who had bombed black churches escaped justice due to technicalities, admitted the crime (guilty as hell free as a bird) and is completely unrepentant? What if that Ku Klux Klanner had launched John McCain’s political career by having a fund raising party in the Klanner’s own home along with the Kluxer’s wife who also bombed Black Churches? These associations would disqualify him or anyone else from getting near the White House. As an American I would want to know the who what where and when of theses associations.

I would want statements from the candidate that did not misrepresent the relationship (just a man who lives in my neighborhood). Senator Obama could have at least added, who I happened to have help distribute 100 million dollars to mutual friends and political allies in a little deal we called the Anenberg Challenge. “Palling around” does not mean that your pals with the person it means that you have a long association with said person. Senator Obama obviously had a long and (for the Senator) fruitful relationship with Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers launched the Senator’s political career at a fund raising dinner at Ayer’s house. Saying this was palling around out loud makes Sarah a racist? Only when you are so afraid these facts will come to the attention of the American people and so in the tank for Obama you want to put any discussion of Bill Ayers off limits.

One thing both camps and the deMSMs obviously agree on is Bill Ayers is not a person who a person who wants to be President should be associating himself with. That is why the Obama campaign has tried to hide Bill Ayers under a rock with the assistance of the Media. Thanks to alternate media and no thanks to the MSM the facts of the association are clear at least as far as public records can make them. Three facts are all you need to know:

1. Bill Ayers is an unrepentant bomber of the pentagon and other places by his own admission.

2. Barrack Obama had relations with Ayers that were extensive. and;

3. Senator Obama covered up and misrepresented this relationship to the American People with the help of the deMSM.

Since the facts can no longer be hidden the NYT has tried a whitewash and the deMSM are now calling it racism to make inquiry or (state the obvious on the subject) out of bounds. The big question is are the American people going to put up with the association, the cover up, the whitewash, and now the attempt to put the topic off limits or are they going to say Senator Obama enough is enough?

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