Tuesday, August 16, 2005

NARAL Outcry Shows Misconceptions

Laura Berman in a recent column in the Detroit News http://www.detnews.com/2005/metro/0508/14/D01-279672 shows how successful the Abortion industry and its supporters have been in flinging mud at peaceful pro-life demonstrators. In her column Ms. Berman says this "The NARAL ad linked Roberts to the mad bombers of Operation Rescue, an extremist anti-abortion group. " There are no mad bombers in Operation Rescue. Operation Rescue is a group which executes non violent civil disobedience tactics such as sit ins between the baby being killed and the Doctor doing the killing (often called rescues). No pro-life group that I know advocates bombing anything. There hasn't been a clinic bombed in a long time and the few bombings that have taken place are the work of nut jobs. If you consider the fact that most of the individuals in the pro-life movement belief that babies are being killed in the abortion facility the restraint in the pro-life community has been extraordinary. If the same prejudice towards the civil rights movement had existed Martin Luther King would have been Lumped together with the Black Panther Party. Bombing abortion clinics is a felony and accusing innocent groups of engaging in that activity is liable per se. If you are going to write about a group at least know enough to keep from committing libel.

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