Sunday, February 06, 2005

Thoughts on Society and the Bible

I have been thinking that before I continue my posts on the President’s proposals for Social Security or any specific policy I want to share with you some thoughts on the underlying framework for my analysis of any political or social question. At least part of my thinking about society in general and the role of government in particular is based (like Martin Luther in his defence at the Diet of Worms [and we think the Adkins diet is restrictive]) on the Bible and reason. I am not a Bible scholar though I read it regularly. I rely on what I call Christian orthodoxy for some of what I believe the Bible teaches. As to reason I rely on common sense, to the extent I’m blessed with common sense, and logic as taught in the University, Law School, Court Rooms, and Streets of this good old USA as I have experienced them.

I have been told ( by a Lawyer from the Christian Legal Society I think but can’t provide further attribution) and believe that God ordained four Institutions: The Individual(Gen 1:26), the Family(Gen 2:24), the Church(Mat 16:18), and the State (Rom 13:1). Each institution has a set of responsibilities in society which God has ordained for it to carry out and for which it is best suited, Ideally society works best if the institution that has responsibility for a function performs that function or is in control of it. Some of these functions are, control of the individual, the raising, nuturing and education of children, care of the elderly or disabled, protection of the individual, and the guarantee of certain God given rights pertaining to said individual, This list is not exhaustive it is sufficient for starters. I welcome comments on these thoughts and I will expand on them so keep watching this Blog. Remember We’re Open All night.

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